Where do you deliver?

We do same-day delivery of plants, florals, and gifts anywhere within an hour drive of downtown Burlington. It is important to note that we may need more than a day’s notice for deliveries that are over 45 minutes away. We are able to do same-day deliveries if you place your order before 1:00 PM that same day; otherwise, we will try our best to get it out that day, but may have to bring it the following day to accommodate our delivery driver's schedule.

How much is delivery / What is the cost of delivery?

When ordering online, the cost is determined by the distance from our shop to the recipient’s address. When checking out online, you will be able to calculate your exact delivery cost to the address you enter. Local delivery (zip code 05401) starts at $11.99. Delivery to the UVM Medical Center (UVM hospital or UVMMC) is always free.

Can you leave deliveries at the recipient's door?

We don't like to leave deliveries unattended whenever possible. When the weather is below 50° F, we cannot leave plants outdoors, and when the weather is below freezing (or too warm!) we cannot leave flowers outdoors. If our drivers can't reach the recipient by knocking on the door, or if they have trouble finding their residence, they will get in touch with the recipient using a phone number provided by the sender. If the recipient can still not be reached, our drivers will bring the deliveries back to our shop, and we will reach out to the sender to organize a solution.

I’ve never sent flowers to someone before, how does it work?

Ordering can take as little as 5 minutes, and the process is simple: we need some basic info about you, the recipient and their address, the delivery day/time, card message, and what you are looking for.

We aim to make it simple and painless to order flowers through our online shop, but we understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea—if you aren’t sure what exactly to send, or need any assistance, we are happy to chat on the phone and guide you through the ordering process. 

Most customers go with Designer’s Choice arrangements, allowing us to use the freshest stems in our cooler. All we need to know is:

  • Would you like a wrapped bouquet or something arranged in a vase?
  • Do you have a price range? Our wrapped bouquets are $60 and up, and our vase arrangements are $75 and up, depending on how big and full you'd like it to be.
  • Are there any color schemes or tones you would like us to stick to? Our most popular color scheme is “Bright and Cheery”, but there are countless other descriptive words to help guide our designers: “Moody,” “Pastels,” “Neutrals,” “Boho,” “Sympathy,” “Romantic,” are just a few. Or, simply give us a color or two to include! 

Can I order flowers to send to someone in or around Burlington even if I am out of town?

You sure can! As long as the recipient is within our delivery radius, we can take the order. 

When will my flowers be ready after ordering for pickup?

We like to allow 3 hours between when an order for flowers is placed and when it is ready for pickup. However, it may depend on the order; a specialty flower arrangement might take a bit longer if we need to source more stems, but an order of gift items may be ready as quick as an hour or sooner. You are welcome to give us a call to check in. We will reach out to you if we run into any issues.

Why can't my order be delivered/picked up today?

Our cut-off for same-day delivery is 12PM. Our cut-off for same-day pickup is an hour before closing and 3 hours if flowers are part of the order.

Where do you source flowers from?

Throughout the warmer months, we source our flowers from local Vermont farms whenever possible! In the winter and for any supplemental stems, we order through multiple local wholesalers, who source flowers locally and from around the globe. With all of our connections, we can make almost any floral needs happen—don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like us to source any specific flowers for you!

How long will my flowers last?

After receiving or purchasing an arrangement, you may need to change the water in the vase every couple of days. Our bouquets are wrapped up with a water source on their stems, which will allow them to last a day or two, but we recommend re-cutting the stems and placing the bouquet in a vase of water as soon as possible. Once all the stems are in water, they should last about 5-14 days, but usually a week.

It is important to note that different flowers have varying life-spans. Alstroemeria, carnations, and sunflowers are a few examples of stems that last the longest in room-temperature environments. Roses will “blow out,” but can potentially last a while—it just depends on which of the thousands of types of roses it is, and how fresh they are! (Don't worry, we won't use old flowers in arrangements, we give them away.) As far as red roses go, there are many types, but the kind we get is the most premier type from South America, and is quite beautiful and long-lasting!

Do you do weddings and special events?

Yes! We are happy to connect with you about ordering flowers or plants for any special occasion. Contact us to set up a consultation, or discuss quotes and details. 

Do you ship?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t ship any items.