Send Plants

In addition to flowers and gifts, we deliver plants locally as well! Head on over to our houseplants page, select your plant, and put in the recipient's info for delivery or pickup. Our plants do not come with a pot standard, so don't forget to add one if you're interested. We recommend the Momma Pots collection as they come with drainage. Examples of plants in Momma Pots can be seen below.

fiddle leaf fig fern momma pot wild lark

4 inch Fiddle leaf fig in 6.25 inch black pot, fern in white pot

Fiddle Leaf fig zz momma pot wild lark

Fiddle leaf fig in white pot, zz plant in antique teal pot

baby rubber plant philodendron momma pot wild lark

pony tail palm wild lark

snake plant momma pot wild lark

snake plant fiddle leaf fig fern momma pot wild lark