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Charcoal All-Natural Artisanal Facial Mask

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The boss of all facial masks - CHARCOAL! Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro- nasties to the surface of your skin, leading to an ideal and sexy complexion. Use caution when using this mask - it's black and has a tendency to stain (so don't use those new white linen towels!!) 

INGREDIENTS: Charcoal Powder

Scoop small amount of facial mask in to mixing bowl - slowly add liquid of choice to create a ‘mud’. Mix well until mask is smooth. Apply to face using cosmetic spoon or spatula. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Wait for mask to dry, gently remove with lukewarm water, pat face dry.

Although most associate masks being mixed with water - you can also try: honey, yogurt, fruit and vegetable purees, eggs, rose water, or which hazel.

 Rough Cut Soap Co. takes a natural and sustainable approach to skincare, incorporating the highest quality of all-natural ingredients and essential oils, all while protecting our environment by guaranteeing items are Palm Oil free, and shipping does not include any plastic or harmful fillers. Shop our handcrafted, artisan products with confidence knowing each item is hand blended in small batches, and hand cut (or poured!) to not only ensure quality control, but for a beautiful, organic, and artistic finish.