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Dragon's Blood Oil

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Great for protection, as a magical catalyst, and to increase the power and potency of your spells and magical workings.

Pure Dragon's Blood Resin extracted into the highest grade essential oils. This blend is a wonderful non-gender woodsy fragrance that will blend with your personal body chemistry and aura. After a few minutes after application you will notice your energy surging. This increase in personal power combines perfectly with the incredible protection properties of the oil to keep away baneful influences while giving you the extra boost to accomplish your goals.

Use as a personal fragrance or as a ritual oil for anointing candles or other magical and spiritual tools. 10 mL amber glass vial with surgical stainless steel roller ball and BPA-free medical grade plastic cap.

Ingredients: Dragon's Blood Resin, Jojoba (organic cold-pressed) and organic essential oils of vetiver, cedar, clove, and many more.