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House Plant Invigorator

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Give your beloved house plants a super boost! This soil additive is comprised of beneficial fungi to improve your plants' ability to absorb nutrients while indoors, resulting in more growth, vigor and blooms.

100% natural and organic.

There is no measuring, no mixing, and easy to follow instructions, giving stronger, healthier plants in as soon as 1-2 weeks!

Use entire contents for one 6"-12" pot or two 2"-4" pots.


-Insert a pencil or chopstick into the soil and create a hole 2"-3" deep.

-Repeat on the opposite side of the pot.

*Pour half of the contents of the tube into each hole and cover with soil. (for 2"-4" pots, use half a tube per pot).

-Water plant thoroughly and allow to drain.


0.4oz 100% Organic Mycorrhizae, 4" long, 0.5" diameter glass tube with cork stopper

Made in United States of America