One Part Infusions Craft Cocktail Infusions Pack - Rum -  - One Part - Wild Lark
One Part Infusions Craft Cocktail Infusions Pack - Rum -  - One Part - Wild Lark
One Part

One Part Infusions Craft Cocktail Infusions Pack - Rum

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It’s a new, innovative, and fun way to add subtle gourmet flavor to your favorite spirits without all that excess sugar. The 1pt Collection includes all of the gear you need to infuse alcohol with ease and a range of specially formulated infusion blends purpose designed to complement rather than conquer the natural flavors of your favorite spirits.

The Cocktail Pack includes six specialized packets of blends:

2x Citrus Blend Packets / 2x Mint Blend Packets / 2x Cinnamon Blend Packets

Pack Notes:

This cocktail pack allows you to enjoy classic cocktails with the signature 1pt Infusion blends! Contains single packets of our Citrus, Mint and Cinnamon infusions and enough blend material to infuse three standard bottle of spirits – just right for an introduction to 1pt.

  • Each Cocktail Pack infuses 3 full standard bottles of spirits - 1 for each included infusion blend.
  • Deliver a consistent result, with each blend taking less than 6 hours to infuse.
  • Flavors are specifically matched with their respective spirits to make popular craft cocktails a snap.

Blend Notes:

Citrus: A subtle, lemon-focused citrus blend which pairs well with a range of spirits. Crisp and refreshing with the slightest hint of warming ginger, this blend includes Yerba Mate, a South American herb that lends an earthy smokiness which nicely balances the vibrant tone of the lemon verbena.

Mint: Crisp, cooling mint, balanced with subtle hints of lemon and ginger, grounded with a pinch of earthy Long Jing green tea from Anhui province in China. This blend works well with a broad range of spirits and provides an active base for an array of classic cocktails such as the Mint Julep and the Mojito. 

Cinnamon: A blend of mellow cinnamon and soft fruits with gentle hints of ginger. The cinnamon develops quite quickly during infusion, but patience is rewarded as the apple and orange deliver a balancing, golden warmth by the 5th and final hour. Reminiscent of spiced apple crumble and autumn days spent by the fire.

Brand: Teroforma