Pride 9oz Candle -  - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle -  - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Serenity - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Sunlight - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Life - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Healing - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Nature - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Spirit - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Identity - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Self - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Free - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride 9oz Candle - Peace - Pride Candle Company - Wild Lark
Pride Candle Company

Pride 9oz Candle

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Suggested Use: Cooking, meditation, yoga, entertaining

9 oz (255g) candle in a recyclable, USA-made glass container. The approximate burn time is 40-60 hours, depending on usage. All Pride Candles are made with USA-sourced soy wax and are phthalate and dye free.

Glass dimensions: 3.5 inches high, 3.1 inches diameter.
Made in United States of America


Peace: Sweet, citrusy, bright. Yuzu, jasmine, and patchouli are all scents known to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. We combined the three to create a fragrance that’s rich, bright, and a little tangy. It’s perfectly balanced and sure to bring a sense of peace and calm to any activity – from cooking to meditating.


Serenity: Fresh, earthy, warm. White Birch Rosemary Sage combines crisp birch and eucalyptus notes mixed with rosemary and earthy sage to create a wonderful scent for Fall and Winter. Sage and rosemary are both known to have powerful benefits – clarifying the mind, balancing your mood, and relieving stress. Their earthy aromas blend perfectly with crisp birch and eucalyptus, creating a candle that’s ideal for Fall and Winter. It brings a little of the outside into your home and sets a serene backdrop for sitting by the fire with your favorite book.


Sunlight: crisp, fresh, floral. We combined the superpowers of bergamot and lemon to create a customer favorite. The subtly sweet bergamot fruit has been proven to have mood-enhancing effects, while the crisp, fresh aroma of lemon is said to fight exhaustion and help with depression. Driftwood adds a layer of depth that makes for a wonderfully sunny, refreshing fragrance. Our Sunlight candle is the perfect way to lift your spirits. We love to light it when we’re entertaining to set the mood for a great night.


Life: Clean, light, elegant. Egyptian musk is a subtle scent often used in perfumes and colognes. It’s known to calm the mind and ease stress, creating a sense of clarity and balance that can help get us through life’s challenges. We blend ours with a hint of sweet peach oil and delicate rose petals to craft a scent that’s soothing, refreshing, and inviting. We love to light this candle when we’re in the mood to rest, relax, and reset.


Healing: Floral, fresh, balanced. Our Orange Blossom fragrance oil is delicate, fresh, and a little sweet. The fresh, floral scent of the Orange blossom is known to have healing powers, reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Combined with touches of coral and moss, you get notes of the sea and woods, while ancient incense brings earthy sweetness to the fragrance. Our Healing candle is the perfect companion for a yoga or meditation session – its lingering fragrance will keep you centered long after the candle goes out.


Nature: Earthy, herbal, invigorating. Both eucalyptus and mint have invigorating aromas that are said to relieve mental exhaustion and rejuvenate your spirit. We combine their scents – sweet, earthy eucalyptus with refreshing, cooling peppermint – to create a fragrance that’s both calming and energizing, perfect for yoga and meditation.


Spirit: Sweet, woody, balanced. Lavender, long known to promote calm and wellness, blends effortlessly with sweet and woody cedar, while thyme subtly penetrates the blend to create a delightfully soothing fragrance. The perfect balance of floral and woodsy, Spirit is our go-to candle when we’re searching for calm.


Identity: Citrusy, woodsy, warm. Grapefruit leads the way with its citrusy, herbaceous, and slightly bitter fragrance that’s known to increase energy and enhance your mood. Joined by the sweet scents of the ylang-ylang flower (said to increase sexual desire), and the woodsy notes of pink peppercorn, the final fragrance is bright, sensual, and a little earthy. Cooking dinner for your special someone? This is the candle for you.


Self: Floral, soft, layered. Celebrate the most important love of all – self love. This fragrance begins with a gentle floral base of lavender and bergamot and is layered with deep, rich scents of leather and musk. The perfect candle to burn when you want to treat yourself to a little self care.


Free: Clean, refreshing, citrusy. Join in our celebration of free love with this combination of fun, fresh fragrances. We pair dewy melon with citrusy grapefruit for a fruitiness that is balanced with the soft floral scents of lavender and rose and finished with subtle notes of amber and musk. Free is the perfect candle to burn on those early spring days.