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Reading Tea Leaves - Book & Tea Set

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Reading tea leaves is an enjoyable and insightful form of divination. This beautiful kit comes in a 6x9 envelope with red wax seal.

The full set includes the booklet

The Practical Witch's Guide to Reading Tea Leaves by Friday Gladheart and several tea samples that may include:

Vanilla Black Tea Whole leaves are tightly rolled and provide excellent images when brewed. Natural vanilla bean pieces have been added to give the tea a subtle aroma and to encourage openness and truth.

Formosa Oolong Tea Perfect for reading tea leaves! Easy to brew at lower temperatures, such as in the cup for reading, this oolong is less bitter and has lightly sweet and floral notes. It is the perfect balance between black tea and green tea.

Jasmine Silver Needle An amazing long-leaf white tea with jasmine flowers. The large leaves unfurl beautifully for interesting readings.