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Vegan Aloe & Lavender Sunscreen - 0.5 oz. Aluminum Tin - Tidal Wave Organics - Wild Lark
Tidal Wave Organics

Vegan Aloe & Lavender Sunscreen

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Made with organic, cold pressed aloe vera, lavender, helichrysum and rosehip seed oils, this sunscreen protects and helps to repair skin. Our Aloe Vera & Lavender Sunscreen is made for those that need protection from the sun but also need a little extra love for their irritated or sensitive skin. All the ingredients used are for promoting gentle sun care for easily irritated skin and needing to repair from over exposure. Not only does this sunscreen calm irritated skin, it also works to keep skin looking rejuvenated and moisturized (thanks to the helichrysum oil and rosehip seed oil). Approximately 30 SPF of UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection.

This is great for:

- Dry, normal, oily skin types

- Skin with irritations like bug bites and over exposure to the sun

- Skin that is not overly sensitive to essential oils

All our sunscreens are made with organic, raw and cold pressed ingredients that are;

- 100% plant and mineral based

- Reef-safe

- Naturally water-resistant
Made in United States