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Dukat Dill Garden Seeds

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This Dill has a high essential oil content and is the sweetest of all the varieties we work with. Dukat is similar to Bouquet Dill in size and color but has slightly heavier foliage and begins blooming a week later. It is better adapted to warmer growing conditions and holds the leaf stage longer than other varieties.

*Direct sow after last frost.

*Dukat dill seeds grow well as a container plant, because of its compact growth.

*Harvest the fern-like dill leaves as needed as soon as they reach a desirable size.

*To gather the seeds, allow the heads to dry on the stems until the Dukat dill seeds ripen to a light brown. Cut the seed heads and spread them out to finish drying, then rub them gently to remove the seed. Store the seed in an airtight container.

Contains 1.5g of seeds.

Made in United States