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Literacy Candles 9oz - Fairy Tale - Fly Paper Products - Wild Lark
Literacy Candles 9oz - Enchanted Forest - Fly Paper Products - Wild Lark
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Literacy Candles 9oz

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'Pemberley Gardens' is inspired by the strong women within the prose of Jane Austen. The contemplative walks taken through the gardens that help guide their destiny. This is a floral fragrance of damask rose gives a rich and textural note that is wrapped with smoky oud wood with hints of clove.


'Fairy Tale' is inspired by the classic enchanting tales that we all know so well, that make us believe magic is real. What faraway lands will your imagination take you? The alluring fragrance is a blend of mysterious, beautiful jasmine and rose petals.


Enchanted Forest is a magical blend of pine, fresh fir balsam, cardamom, and pepper with base notes of Scotch pine. It is inspired by fantasy worlds, folklore and fairytales.