Luxe Botanicals Set Of 3 Essential Oils -  - Woolzies - Wild Lark

Luxe Botanicals Set Of 3 Essential Oils

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Immerse yourself in the leisure of a lush garden filled with stunning flowers and heady scents with the Luxe Botanicals Set of 3.

English Garden includes classic florals, Wild Flower captures the essence of nature, and Night Orchid invites the exotic into your place.

English Garden - Lavender, Neroli , Magnolia , Palmarosa , Myrrh and Ginger

Wild Flower - Roman Chamomile , Geranium , Sandalwood , Vetiver , Clary Sage , Vanilla and Cedarwood.

Night Orchid - Night Jasmine , Rose , Ylang Ylang , Melissa , Lemon and Patchouli