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Spearmint Garden Seeds

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Almost everyone enjoys the delicious flavor of mint - it is wonderful in everything from iced drinks, to sauces. Tea of spearmint has been used to treat many ailments, including nausea, hiccups, and poor digestion. This herb is begging to be made into a summer time mixed drink!

* Direct sow after the last spring frost.

* This plant grows and spreads vigorously, so it a favorite for container growing.

* Fresh leaves can be harvested as soon as the plant reaches a height of 3-4". The small, young leaves tend to have the best flavor.

* To dry the leaves, hang the stems upside down in a dry location until the leaves feel completely dry; strip them from the stems and keep them in an airtight container. Fresh mint leaves can also be frozen.

Packet contains 150mg of seeds.

Made in United States